The Perfect Tour
The Perfect Tour
Custom Boat Charters with Linda Greenlaw

Seth Cote

I am a young entrepreneur who is working to bring to life my grandfather’s dream.  Perry’s vision of growing and diversifying business at The Shack has become my dream.  Blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime on April 28th 2017, I was finally able to call Perry’s Lobster Shack in Surry, Maine mine!  During summers working with him on the dock, Perry and I formed a close and strong bond that I am forever grateful for.  My first season of ownership (2017 Summer) was a huge success! People from all over the world travel many miles to make this a stop on there journey.  It truly is a blessing to be a part of it.


Linda has always been a huge inspiration for me.  Seeing someone from a tiny Maine town like myself be so successful is truly awesome!  Her hard work, determination and love of what she does is exactly what I base my business model on.  Over the years, Linda and I have formed a great working relationship and a true friendship. When we began conversation about a private charter service out of Perry’s Lobster Shack, I was all hands on deck to make this happen.  I have dreamed of partnering with someone of Linda’s caliber. I am very excited to launch this new endeavor with her and bring a new summer attraction to Surry! Hope to see you all on the “Perfect Tour”!!


Linda Greenlaw

Raised on and off the coast of Maine, boats and fishing are in my DNA.  I started commercial sword fishing to help pay for college, and made it my career before the ink had dried on my diploma.  Presently at the age of 57, I have not become jaded with my life at sea. My heart still races with the slightest tug at the end of the fishing rod.  I am still in awe of whales, seals, and porpoise. To my mind, there is nothing that compares to the feeling of shutting down the boat’s engine and drifting silently while marveling at the night sky.         

Through the years, when friends from away come to visit me here in Surry or on Isle au Haut, the primary focus has been whatever boat I have been running at the time.  I have always enjoyed taking friends and family out for a scenic ride, a floating picnic, or to haul a few traps. Experiencing the ocean and fishing through fresh eyes is a thrill, and reminds me of why I love my life.  


I am excited to be partnering with Seth Cote in the launching of The Perfect Tour; a custom charter business operating out of Perry’s Lobster Shack.  Seth’s youthful enthusiasm, work ethic and desire to do things right has propelled him to achieve great success in his inaugural season as owner of Perry’s.  Coupled with my years of experience on the ocean; this new venture should be a blast! I look forward to sharing my knowledge and the simple joy of being on the water.